Should You Allow Your Dentist to Take a Dental X-Ray?

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Do you have a dental appointment coming up and are wondering how safe it is for the dentist to take an x-ray of your teeth? Many people go to the dentist for multiple reasons such as getting cosmetic surgery to straighten their teeth, going there for a quick whitening service. Other times people go to the dentist to get an x-ray taken of their teeth to make sure they don’t have any underlying diseases or infections. They also take x-rays to see if they have cavities. It can be quite scary if you are unsure of how safe dental x-rays are for your health. Fortunately, this article is going to give you some information on whether or not dental x-rays are safe. Let’s go over some information about dental x-rays.


Who will need to get a dental x-ray?

teeth xray - ask your dentist if you need oneThe first question you may be asking, does everyone have an x-ray done when they go to the dentist. Your dentist will need to use a dental x-ray to review areas in your mouth that can be seen by the naked eye. Adults will usually be given an x-ray so the dentist can treat and identify any issues going on within that person’s mouth. Some of the issues that a dentist can view when they take an x-ray are:



  1. Decay that is between teeth
  2. Bone loss
  3. Tumors
  4. Root canals (Root Canal therapy)

Without a proper dental x-ray to examine these conditions they can be left untreated and cause further harm to a dental patient. Dentists can also use an x-ray to better prepare them for tooth implants, braces, and dentures.


Children and Dental X-Rays

children and dental xray

Is it safe for a child to get a dental x-ray? Many parents are concerned about their children getting a dental x-ray. It is true that children are more sensitive to the radiation that is brought upon by the x-ray but it is at a safe level for your child. It is very important that your children get x-rays taken other teeth because at this age the jaw and teeth are changing at a continuous rate. It is important to keep an eye on the changes that are going on in her mouth to catch anything that may go wrong. Some of the things that a dentist can catch if they perform an x-ray are:



  1. They can help the dentist determine if the mouth is large enough for incoming teeth.
  2. They can check for wisdom teeth.
  3. They can detect gum disease and decay early.

These are all very important reasons as to why you should allow your child to get a dental x-ray from your dentist. You will want to make sure your child is seeing the dentist on a regular basis. The average amount of times a child should see their dentist is every six months, so at least twice a year. If your child has braces they may need to see their dentist more frequently.

As you can see it is very important for you or your child to get a Dental X-ray service when you visit your dentist. It is safe for you and your child to get a dental x-ray and there is no need for concern about the amount of radiation the x-ray produces.



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