Overcoming Dental Fears with Some Practical Advice

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It is very natural for many people to feel fear and anxiety when going to the dentist. But, there are some things that can be done to ease the tension and make the important oral attention less of an ordeal. The following article will contain some advice on how to deal with these apprehensions. If you do have a debilitating fear of dental practices, you should consider a mental health professional’s expert advice.


1. Recognize your fears

To understand your fears better, you should come to terms with them and admit that you have them. Some people postpone their regular dental checkups for reasons of underlying fears and anxieties. These must be recognized and addressed. Talking with your dental professional is a good way to deal with these hurdles to better oral health, most especially if you’re scheduling your kid to his first visit to the dentist.




2. Find an understanding dentist.

If you find a dentist who can understand your concerns, fears, and anxiety you will gain a measure of trust. They will adapt their methods and techniques to the most gentle and unobtrusive techniques and practices that will keep you from unnecessary discomforts. Your dentist may have experience with other patients just like you are, and be able to provide some special help from their wealth of experience.

3. How to find the right dentist?

One of the big factors in getting the best dental care when dealing with anxieties and fear over the dentist chair is finding the best oral care center  and provider for your needs. Here are some things to try:

a. Location – a good location is important so that regular checkups and appointments aren’t obtrusive to your regular schedule. So, begin by listing the most convenient locations in your area. If you are located in Alexandria, Virginia, schedule your appointment with the trusted Landmark Plaza Dentistry at (703) 658-3000!

b. Phone Interviews – Call each of them and gauge your feelings from the beginning. Which one made you feel the most comfortable? Which of them was accommodating? And later which of these called you back? Ask about any of the special services and care they offer and see if any proffer special needs services including dental anxieties. This is a good sign.

c. Appointments – you will also want to have a face to face visit with your dentist so that you can see the clinic itself and get a feel for the way things work and the level of hygiene. If you feel good about the location you will still need to make sure the dentist is empathetic and sets your mind at ease. You can ask them about their treatment options for your condition. Interview a few different dental practices before choosing one that you will honor with a continuance.

Remember that if any point in the process you feel that the dentist is not truly a match for your needs, ask them to make a solid recommendation from their network within the dental community.

4. Look for ways to gradually reduce your fears.

People dealing with fears will find that the biggest playing field is within the mind. There are, therefore, many things that can be done to reduce the focus your mind places on your anxiety and the stress this produces.

Here are a couple things that can help keep the mind from making anxiety something much bigger:

a. Begin Slow – start with short procedures and small treatments before getting into any of the procedures that may take more time in the chair. If your dental professional is aware of your situation, they can help you come up with a plan like this.

B. Bring a Friend – having a buddy who comes with you and is possibly also getting treatment will help to keep your mind from stewing in silence, which is never good. Making light of the passing time with someone who keeps your mind occupied is a good way to keep things fun and fast.


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